Thursday, January 31, 2019

January Me

Sinking... again

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Demi Masa...

Sesungguhnya kita berada dalam kerugian


More and more I understand what it means. Selalu juga rasa stress. Sebab merasakan jika ambil masa untuk bersembang, berehat, menonton tv atau tidur, masa terbuang dengan sia-sia.

Dah lama rasa macam ni.

Terasa perlu tulis supaya ia keluar dari sistem.


Bila bercakap/bersembang, nanti emosi. Bila emosi, buang energy. End up rasa penat, tapi tak ke mana.


Rugi masa, Rugi tenaga, Sebab masih berada di position yang sama.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Need Motivation??

Straight to the point.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

I bought this book because its no one in MPH chart. Just finished reading it and these are what I get..
Think positive?

“F*ck positivity. Let’s be honest; sometimes things are f**ked up and we have to live with it.”

Be extraordinary?

“Not everyone can be extraordinary - there are winners and losers in society, and some if it is not fair or your fault. 
Seek happiness?

“The path to happiness is a path full of shit heaps and shame.”

Do Something Principle

“If you're stuck on problem, don't sit there and think about it; just start working on it. Even if you don't know what you're doing, the simple act of working on it eventually cause the right ideas to show up in your head.”    Action---> Inspiration ---> Motivation

Toxic Relationship

“The Victim: creates more and more problem to solve - not because additional real problem exist, but because the attention and affection craves.”  

“The Saver: Solves and solves - not because actually cares about the problems, but because believes must fix others problem in order to deserve attention and affection. 

“Commitments gives you freedom because you're no longer distracted by the unimportant and frivolous. Commitment gives you freedom because it hones your attention and focus, directing them towards what is more efficient at making you healthy and happy. Commitments makes decision-making easier and removes any fear of missing out: knowing that what you already have is good enough, why would you ever stress about chasing more, more, more again? Commitments allows you to focus intently on a few highly important goals and achieve greater degree of success than you otherwise would.” 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

So, no more throwback. What next?

I'm finally settled. 

My new house project completed. No more budget to spend. Now paying debts. Huh

My old house in KL now rented out. I'm happy and relief. I managed to go thru the process of cleaning, throwing, donating and fixing the house. Very super tiring. Once the house looks presentable to be tented I contacted agent to market it. Some of the stuff I bring to Penang. Then just campak to all the empty cupboard. Until now tak senang to sort out. 

Pheww.. all that completed and done. I'm now settle at one place only. No more nomad life. It feels good. I mean Gooooood. 

New house already one year old. 

My heart broken again. Now going thru grief.

What next? I need new project.

Throwback - Little green corner

Somehow being at Habitat influenced me to start having something green at home. I never plant anything in my life. I never interested to try either. Mom on the other hand has her own kebun.

So I started with these two plants which according to the nursery easy to jaga. I like the green color leaves and the other plant produce oxygen. Good to put in door.

Then these... one of it is spider plant also for air circulation inside house.

The rest was history... hahaha..

Halia and cili

Daun pandan, serai and kunyit yg mcm nak mati

Plant became bigger

Kunyit decided to give it a try to live, mom bring money plant frm Johor

Limau kasturi.. survived in airasia flight and berbunga

Semangat.. so beli rak from china and pasang terus

Perfectly fit 

Dulu - Kanan. Now ada tiga pokok. I amazed how the plant adjust to fit new born. 

I'm more selective on what to plant now.. coz I need to jaga. I have not been travelling like before. Now can only afford balik kampung je.. huhuhu. So maximum 3 or 4 days without water and they survived. No more pokok cili as its attract white ulat. Now only simple veggie like bayam, kangkung, belalai gajah, kacang, kunyit, limau purut, pandan and serai. Mom gave bendi and pucuk manis. I hope they survive.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Throwback - Hello Home

8 March 2017

Finally, i'm no longer a Nomad. This was the day I moved in. Its really a hard work for me. I'm not enjoying the process at all. Sometimes I felt it was a big mistake. My heart felt heavy all the time and I'm stress for months.

I'm building my home..
Living hall
Master bedroom
Second room
Almost there


The whole process from A to Z was a torture. In between, I'm also lost. Not sure if its worth it. I don't know until now..

I always dream to have house by the sea where I can enjoy the view, feel the wind and smell the sea. I have these view everyday now.. I shouldn't complaint and be grateful instead.

Sunrise from the balcony this morning

and mountains in my bedroom

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Throwback - Move again.. became a Nomad

31 Dec 2016

After more than one year (since 24 Oct 2015), I moved again. My landlord decided not to renew and looking for more long term tenant. Im not here nor there, always extend last minutes for few months like no commitment.


I remembered that day was saturday. I start to pack my stuff on friday after work. I was really tired and stressed. I have to pack my stuff and carry few boxes to the office for temporary storage and carry the remaining in my car.

To carry from my unit to car park was easy coz I use cold storage trolley. Then from my car to the office, I have to carry one by one as there were stairs and the lif cannot go up to the office straight. That was painful and streessfull. Then from my car to the airbnb room was not so bad.

This was my first night at airbnb, near office with bathroom. The next day, on new year, I was sick. My body ache and my head spinning. I went to doctor, went breakfast, took medicine and slept all day. Flat. I slept from morning till night. Black out. Not even checked my phone. At night when I woke up around 7pm, the helper that clean up the house told me she was a bit worried coz I did not go out from the room at all. Yaaa.. i was so sick. The next day, I got MC and just stay in bed continue sleep. I cant do anything, i was soo weak. 

This is where my life as a nomad started.. I rent a room on weekdays and on sat/sun I went back to hometown or KL. It was difficult. Correction... very difficult living like a nomad. No place to call home. No proper table to do work after office, no kitchen and no place to properly eat with table and chair, sometime shared bathroom,  I move in move out. Stay few places depends on availability. Sometime when I felt burn out, I stayed one day at nicer place. I sent my clothes to laundry and the rest of my stuff was in the car. I have 2 troley bags to store my clothes.

Oh wow... what a moment to look back. I will never forget this phase of my life.. 

Monday, January 01, 2018

HNY 2018

Last minute, i decided to be in KL and spending my last day of 2017 with the girls. Took 1.30am bus, arrived tbs 6.30am.

We had lunch, karaoke and movie (The Greatest Showman) before saying goodbye to 2017 with fireworks. Honestly, there was moment I felt I missed KL. For sure, being with friends that I know for many years is one of it.

I realised that open up myself to new circle of friends takes time. I have been very cautious on what im sharing and I always keep my distance.

A short trip like this, I may repeat again. Just to touch base. Penang island can be suffocating sometimes. 

I have long to do list and no motivation or somewhat inspiration to start. Hmm... dont think this short trip help tho.. hahaha.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Go Green Run


I have been wanting to participate in run event since i was in KL. Procrastination has been my best friend since then. Since I required plenty of distraction, I decided to registered myself for 5km fun run. I cant remember if I had run 5km, maybe yes on the treadmill in KL. Here when I ran beside the beach.. I actually dont care.. Is just for me to have time off with the beach.


Since I have trouble sleeping waking up 5.30 am was not a problem. Start my day with warm up and light breakfast and uber sent me to Padang Polo.

Surprisingly the 5km run was not as difficult as I imagine. I'm able to slowly run from the beginning until end. I speed up towards the finishing line.

My motivation... the plant.. bahahahaha

I can tick the box.. done!