Monday, April 04, 2016


It's not always the worst thing when people push you. When people push you, they're trying to help you. She's trying to help you.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kesempatan yang Berkurangan

Lesser family time, make me appreciate more.. each time i'm back home.

Quietly i look at mom face when she sleep. I hope time stay still. I hope she do not grow old. I hope she stays the same. I hope she always healthy and happy.

Sometime i wonder if she miss me?

The other day she insisted  me to type all her recipes so I do not forget. Goshhh.. 

I want you always to be there mom.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Meninggalkan 2015

2015 punya warna dan corak tersendiri.  Moga 2016 lebih bermakna dan dipermudahkan untuk saya melaluinya.

All of us, 27 Dec 2015

Happy Birthday Mak, Bayou Resort Melaka

View from my window - Happy New Year Penang!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pssst.. hey you

Yes you.

Can i share my secret with you? Promise you keep it to yourself .

I'm tired. I miss home.

But I don't  know  where my home is.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My new Thing

Being with nature is part of my new thing

My new 'uniform'

Lonely Road

I have been wanting to write like many many times. But it always ended in my mind. Things have changed.. a lot and i always remind myself to be patience and always rise above. Be the bigger person.

The road seems lonely here. No family and no friends. All strangers. All new. It feels like starting all over again. I'm not saying is bad nor good. It's  just another challenge to grow.

I'm adjusting. I'm trying. I'm learning.

Strange but i admit, i'm lonely.

P/S.. No, I don't  hate 😁

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Sue!

Nobody wish me Happy Birthday in person yesterday because nobody knew. I kept it to myself. I had a farewell lunch with the team and then dinner with my friend's parent and ended my birthday by sleeping on the couch.
I have new place to call home, new office to work, new friend to say hi and new food to taste. The bed still wakes me up everyday at 5am no matter how late I slept. I can see the beach from my window and the air just feel cleaner. Be kind to me Penang.
My post become lesser. Once a month now. I hope you don't just disappeared BlogSpot. I have been writing to you since 2006, we are almost reaching to year ten. How times flies kan.
Dear Work. Can you be easy on me please. Can we have our mutual understanding on this. You can have all of me five days a week and let me free on those two days :D Thank you for your kind understanding.


Thursday, September 03, 2015

Missing u much Maldives

I just need to be back in Maldives. Enough said.

Monday, August 31, 2015

One Year Old

Merdeka and i am one year old. Continue walking.. hair down, chin up and smile.

Will our path crossed, one day?

Depart from Senai airport for the first time, pm. Safely arrived, heading Armenian Street. Hello Penang.

Monday, July 06, 2015


Knock.. knock.. Ramadhan.

I can't help feeling nostalgic. Last year, at this moment I was busy packing and wrapping up. Thinking and feeling about it give me goosebumps. Serious. How time flies kan. 

Fasting month. It takes two hours to reach home if I leave the office at 5pm. I decided to stay back and go home after break fast. It takes thirty minutes. As time is expensive, those ninety minutes I can do wonders. Tak pe lah... buka puasa di rumah pun seorang, no reason for me to brave the traffic jams.

They asked me why I do not request to go back early as what is commonly practise here? I did my own calculations.. there are 19 working days during Ramadan (after less 2 days of annual leave that I plan to take). If I less 5 working days where I will not fast, left me with 14 working days.

I asked myself, do I really need to request special treatment just because I fast for those 14 days? Is it difficult for me to adjust my timing?

It makes me shy.

Little bird told me that my boss actually did some homework before hiring me. She asked opinion from her Malaysian network if it is difficult to hire reliable competent staff and about hiring a Malay staff. She did get some negative feedback about Malays especially in accounting and finance where its been dominated by non-Malays. Of course there is counterback statement by saying that maybe this person is a new Malay.

Hmmmm... Interesting kan.

On my last trip to Penang, my boss was spying on people. She spy if muslim really fast. HaHaHa.. kelakar kan and do they cheat.. I said yes of course some of them..but they do it secretly. So she spying on one guy eating MH peanut. She said Hah! I caught muslim not fasting. Then I take a look.. and slowly said to her.. I think that guy is indian. Hahaha... how clueless she is about Malaysian.

The day before she arrives Penang, there was a news on MH Melbourne flight turn back due to some emergency. She was extremely nervous as she needs to take domestic flight to KL. The plane landed safely and she said to me that one of the reasons why she feels a bit comfort taking the plane was due to I'm travelling with her and she hope my God will take care of me and that means the whole plane. She admit it's sound stupid but she needs to let it out.

At the airport, I requested her to change to long pants as we are going to government office and she needs to wear something that less revealing. I said it's friday, it's fasting month and there was some hooohaaa about the dress code.

So she changed.

I have been surrounded by non Malays, Malaysian and non Malaysian. Do they superior than me? Do they better than me? Do they treat me differently? 

My answer would be NO.

They are just the same. They have their own struggle, weakness and strength. We are just a bunch of people trying to make a living.

I believe that human in default, has good intentions.

Salam Ramadhan