Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Throwback - Move again.. became a Nomad

31 Dec 2016

After more than one year (since 24 Oct 2015), I moved again. My landlord decided not to renew and looking for more long term tenant. Im not here nor there, always extend last minutes for few months like no commitment.


I remembered that day was saturday. I start to pack my stuff on friday after work. I was really tired and stressed. I have to pack my stuff and carry few boxes to the office for temporary storage and carry the remaining in my car.

To carry from my unit to car park was easy coz I use cold storage trolley. Then from my car to the office, I have to carry one by one as there were stairs and the lif cannot go up to the office straight. That was painful and streessfull. Then from my car to the airbnb room was not so bad.

This was my first night at airbnb, near office with bathroom. The next day, on new year, I was sick. My body ache and my head spinning. I went to doctor, went breakfast, took medicine and slept all day. Flat. I slept from morning till night. Black out. Not even checked my phone. At night when I woke up around 7pm, the helper that clean up the house told me she was a bit worried coz I did not go out from the room at all. Yaaa.. i was so sick. The next day, I got MC and just stay in bed continue sleep. I cant do anything, i was soo weak. 

This is where my life as a nomad started.. I rent a room on weekdays and on sat/sun I went back to hometown or KL. It was difficult. Correction... very difficult living like a nomad. No place to call home. No proper table to do work after office, no kitchen and no place to properly eat with table and chair, sometime shared bathroom,  I move in move out. Stay few places depends on availability. Sometime when I felt burn out, I stayed one day at nicer place. I sent my clothes to laundry and the rest of my stuff was in the car. I have 2 troley bags to store my clothes.

Oh wow... what a moment to look back. I will never forget this phase of my life.. 

Monday, January 01, 2018

HNY 2018

Last minute, i decided to be in KL and spending my last day of 2017 with the girls. Took 1.30am bus, arrived tbs 6.30am.

We had lunch, karaoke and movie (The Greatest Showman) before saying goodbye to 2017 with fireworks. Honestly, there was moment I felt I missed KL. For sure, being with friends that I know for many years is one of it.

I realised that open up myself to new circle of friends takes time. I have been very cautious on what im sharing and I always keep my distance.

A short trip like this, I may repeat again. Just to touch base. Penang island can be suffocating sometimes. 

I have long to do list and no motivation or somewhat inspiration to start. Hmm... dont think this short trip help tho.. hahaha.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Go Green Run


I have been wanting to participate in run event since i was in KL. Procrastination has been my best friend since then. Since I required plenty of distraction, I decided to registered myself for 5km fun run. I cant remember if I had run 5km, maybe yes on the treadmill in KL. Here when I ran beside the beach.. I actually dont care.. Is just for me to have time off with the beach.


Since I have trouble sleeping waking up 5.30 am was not a problem. Start my day with warm up and light breakfast and uber sent me to Padang Polo.

Surprisingly the 5km run was not as difficult as I imagine. I'm able to slowly run from the beginning until end. I speed up towards the finishing line.

My motivation... the plant.. bahahahaha

I can tick the box.. done!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Throwback - Sometimes..

30 Nov 2015

view at Penang Hill can be amazing...

Throwback - Weekend routine

I always love to be close to beach, since I was in Dungun. Its like having same environment when I was studying except that in Dungun I have keropok lekor :D. This is where I jog - Straits Quay. 

Always love mug shot coffee and its cream cheese bagel. Its makes my weekend morning perfect. Nothing less.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Throwback - Hiking up Penang Hill

15 Jan 17

Tak kerja penang hill laa if tak pernah hike the hill.. SO one fine day.. after baik from fever, I joined team to hike up via moon gate

 This is the starting point.. see how many people we have..

Still smiling
berpoluh dah
Half way
Almost there
not yet
see only me need tongkat.. the rest are young and healthy
Hurray... checked the box and I can feel settled now. Pancit tu of course. But as always mind over matter. I actually tell people that I must hike the hill before I return back to KL. Seems like everything change now..

Friday, November 10, 2017

Throwback - Everything seems New

Its like starting over, first day was 24 Oct 2015

New house..

On this day, view from my desk was amazing

Living area

one bedroom

View from bedroom window

It was one bedroom studio unit. Below is mall with coffee bean and cold storage. I chose this unit because of its location, security and size of the room, which do not require much time to clean.

New office..

Still using my old desktop

big window
i can see Penang bridge from here

I have amazing view at town office overlooking the sea and mountain and penang bridge. We rent small room and i share it with another colleague. Hmm.. only in Penang.

Another New 'Office'..


Briefing Area



Wakaf 1

meeting point

Giant swing

I feel old when i look at this picture. This was one of the very early days

One of the milestone

The trail looks so much different now. No more flowers and plants from outside hill. We are now going for native species. We are not like Singapore Garden. We want to maintain the originality of the habitat.

New Colleagues..

Day One of Opening the Park - 8.1.16

The night before, they waited for me till late just because i unable to open the safe :D
Late night makan-makan at canteen
Georgetown Festival + Merdeka Party

162 Victoria

Deepa Birthday

The day before tree top walk open to public

Polaroid photo
Of course, plenty of differences working with Penangites. Love or hate, I cant survive here in Penang without them. They are part of my family - Habitat Family.

These are all old photos... The Beginning. I have a lot more actually. I just selected few. My pictures are everywhere. Hmm.. should have blog about the milestone.. when it happened. Not until after two years. Now to find and to sort photos properly will takes years...

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Moving On... Goodbye KL

18 October 2017

This will be my last trip of moving my stuff from KL to Penang. Oh my... finally I made up my mind and from there things are moving. Saying goodbye to KL house was not easy and saying hello to Penang house was not easy too.

Honestly I decided to moved to Penang because I was tired, I was fed up and I gave up to waste my time to find FM that I believe may not exist. It was a loooong search and consumed much time and energy which I don't have.

Another reason simply because it was easy to move around Penang with less traffic jam to work and enjoying a bit of life surrounded by beach and mountain hill.

Gorgeous sunset to be looked at everyday

I have made few decisions which I may not know if its the right or wrong decision. I just have to make good of all situations and opportunities that has been presented and pray that all will be okay.

It took me more than one year to decide. After back and fourth, Pen/Kul/Jhb finally, here i am.

The next few posts are just to remind me on my early days.